French departments

The Lot is a relatively lightly populated area in South West central France.   It's Department 46: see the map at left.   All the post codes in the area begin with 46.

Cahors is the capital of the Lot, with all of 20,000 souls.   The Lot is part of the Midi-Pyrénées region:   the capital of this region is Toulouse.

This is one of the least prosperous departments of France.   Unemployment is relatively high.   It's no surprise that the Left took almost 60% of the vote in the 2007 presidential elections, even as the country as a whole veered towards Sarkozy.

Many of the locals speak heavily accented French.  Even those who speak the French you learned in school often use words that derive from the Occitan language and are not in the French dictionary.

It's hard for Americans to get to the Lot, but relatively easy for Brits, especially those who have access to Stansted Airport.   Americans, as the more exotic species, are made very welcome if they love French food and respect local ways.

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