flag All the major car rental companies operate at Toulouse (Blagnac) Airport.   If you book with Auto Europe, you will probably get a slightly discounted car from Hertz or Europcar.

Avis and Europcar have offices at Cahors railway station:   Avis is the SNCF partner for rail / drive passes (excellent value if you are planning to use the rail system on three days and would like two or more days' car usage).

Take collision and theft insurance.   Remember that automatics are not common and you have to book them a long time in advance if you can't or don't want to drive a standard car.   Diesel cars are reliable, clean and efficient in France.   You'll save money if you rent one.   Large cars are a bad idea, as they are difficult to park:   don't be conned into an upgrade.

location de voitures = "car rental"     gazole = "diesel fuel"     payant (usually painted on the parking spot) = "metered parking"     horodateur = "parking receipt machine"
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