Recycling goes in transparent bags (rolls in kitchen cupboard by the door)   -   what's acceptable is pictured on the bags themselves (no polystyrene).  Put bags outside the main gate on Monday morning, for pick-up in the afternoon.   Accumulate garbage in black plastic bags and put full ones (well-tied) in the wheelie bin by the main gate.  Push the wheelie outside the gate on Wednesday morning, for pick-up in the afternoon.  If you have bags of either kind ready to go, you can drop them into the assigned communal bins all over town   -  there are several at the crossroads by the boulangerie over the level crossing.   Glass (verre) is not part of standard recycling:   you drop bottles and jars in yet another kind of communal bin.   The nearest is by the block of flats half way up rue Jacques Brel.

The gas burners in the kitchen are fuelled by a tank in the utility room (at the back of the dining room).   The valve on top is opened by turning it anti-clockwise.  If necessary, one exchanges an empty cylinder for a full one at a supermarket like Intermarché or Carrefour.  Everything else in the house is electric.   The water is heated first by a solar panel and then finished off by an electric immersion heater during the off-peak cheap rate period (roughly 2 to 5 p.m. and 2 to 7 a.m.).  The tanks hold a lot of water, so you can usually have a shower at any time of day.   The washing machine and dishwasher heat their own water and so it's cheaper to run them during off-peak.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Covered market & local bakery open in morning
(also several supermarkets)

Recycling bags collected. Most shops (including local bakery) closed

Market in morning (mainly food)

Put garbage wheelie bin outside gate

Market day

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