In theory, the Route Nationale 20 (N20) goes all the way from Toulouse to Cahors. In practice, however, the Southern part is unposted and choked with traffic. In addition, where the often parallel toll road (péage) joins up with the N20, it is labelled A20 (but it's free for that part). To confuse you further, note that a French national pastime is changing road numbers, so parts of the N20 are now labelled D820.

The easiest way to get from Toulouse Airport to Cahors by car is to follow the signs to Bordeaux (A62 North). If in doubt, stay in the right lane of the Toulouse ring road, as there are some late-posted turns. The A62 proper starts with a toll booth (gare de péage), where you take a ticket. Stay on the A62 until the Montauban exit. After paying the toll (about 3 euros), follow the A20 (by now occasionally posted to Limoges and Paris). Take the Montauban bypass to exit 60, posted to Cahors. That's the old main road via Caussade. It's a good road and a bit more interesting than the autoroute.

give way At the South end of Cahors there are three roundabouts in a row. The first is by a railway viaduct: keep on the main road. At the second, take the right fork to Cahors (Centre Ville). Past another roundabout and a couple of traffic lights, and you'll come to a stone bridge that goes over the Lot into Cahors. At the North end of the bridge is a roundabout: right to Cabessut, straight ahead to central Cahors, left to the railway station.

Satellite navigation systems are not recommended in this area. They take you on to theoretically advantageous routes, which happen to be on their limited maps. If you stray, you may have to find your own way, so buy and use a map.
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