The easiest way to get from Toulouse to Cahors by car is to take the A62 North (direction Agen or Bordeaux) and come off when you see a sign to Montauban: this stretch of péage will cost you about 3 euros. At the end of the Montauban bypass, you have the choice of the taking the D820(formerly N20) to Caussade & Cahors and continuing on the A20 autoroute. The A20 is faster and better by night. The autoroute exit is Cahors Sud/Centre. The D820 is prettier and there is no toll.

give way Just South of Cahors (at a roundabout), you'll see a sign to Cahors (Centre Ville). Past another roundabout and some traffic lights, and you'll come to a set of mini-roundabouts with a right turn posted Rodez: it's just before the bridge over the Lot into central Cahors.   Take this right turn: you will go over a level crossing and shortly come to a traffic light. Turn left and, almost immediately, right on a narrow street before the railway bridge. Keep going on rue Jacques Brel until you see number 414, almost at the end of the street.  Drive in the gate.

The D911 runs from the East to Cahors, South of the Lot.  Once inside the city boundary, look for traffic lights at the bottom of a hill. Turn right there and right again (before the railway bridge) onto rue Jacques Brel. There's another road from the East (Figeac) that runs along the North side of the Lot. Keep close to the river as you enter Cahors and turn left at a mini-roundabout onto the Pont Cabessut. After another mini-roundabout, look for a railway bridge: rue Jacques Brel is immediately East of this.

The D820 brings you into Cahors from the North. If you were on the A20 autoroute, take the first Cahors exit and follow the D820. There's a roundabout at the bottom of a long hill. Ignore the sign to Montauban and go uphill (with McDonald's to your right) to central Cahors. After some traffic lights, turn left at the roundabout, travelling downhill to the Lot river. At the bottom of this hill, there's a sharp right turn: the sign advises you to go all the way round the roundabout to go South towards Montauban. At a mini-roundabout, turn left over the bridge over the Lot. After another mini-roundabout, look for a railway bridge: rue Jacques Brel is immediately East of this.

Coming from the West, the D811 brings you to the McDonald's roundabout: follow the instructions above to get through Cahors.

If you find yourself inside Cahors itself, a landmark is the roundabout with fountain at the bottom of boulevard Leon Gambetta (the North-South road that divides the old city from the new). Having driven down Gambetta, turn left at the fountain roundabout. Follow the road round the inside of the boucle until you come to the Pont Cabessut. Turn right onto the bridge and go past another mini-roundabout. Turn left immediately after the railway bridge and follow the directions above.

If you arrive in Cahors by train, a taxi from the station should cost less than 10 euros (if you can find one).

 414 rue Jacques Brel, 46000 Cahors       Telephone:   05 65 30 01 25     (portable)  06 23 96 92 05
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